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Eelco Groenenboom, Clerk of Albrandswaard

Since 2008 involved in the world of the Clerks 

I’m Eelco Groenenboom, 47 years old, and since 2008 have been involved in the world of the Clerks. My journey started as Clerk of a borough of Rotterdam, the second largest city of The Netherlands. I held this position until 2014 when the boroughs in Rotterdam disappeared. I started working for the Dutch Institute of Municipal Clerks (DIMC) I’ve been responsible for the certification process of Dutch Clerks. As a matter of fact, trying to be modest, I can say that outside of America I am the best person to be able to assist British and Continental Europeans with everything about the certification process, its pros and cons and the meaning for Clerks in their professional life. In this period, I started working as a trainer and coach for Clerks and politicians. But being Clerk runs in the blood. Since 2018 I’m the Clerk of the village of Albrandswaard.

I’m married and father of two adolescents. My hobbies are speed cycling, traveling and Bruce Springsteen. Not only are the lyrics in most of his songs inspiring, but during his live shows he shows with the E-Street band that 1 plus 1 is definitely more than 2. 

On a voluntary basis, I am chairman of the participation council of a primary school, chairman of the supervisory board of a house for Seriously Mental Multiple Disabilities children and young adults and a neighbourhood mediator.

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