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Experiences with IIMC

I haven’t missed an Annual Conference since 2013

Served on numerous Committees and Task Forces since 2015 

Since my first Annual Conference of IIMC in 2013 I’m involved in practicing the mission of IIMC; continuing personal growth of Clerks worldwide by education! Until last year, due to Covid, I haven’t missed any Annual Conferences. Although my first two conferences were paid by the city of Rotterdam, all other five are paid from my own pocket.


Being involved in IIMC, it’s interesting to experience that Clerks all over the globe are facing the same challenges about personal leadership. For me it has been the start of a new career besides being Clerk, I started training and coaching Clerks, Deputy Clerks and politicians.

Trying to understand the working of IIMC I started serving on committees. I served on the Program Review & Certification Committee, the Education and Professional Development Committee and chaired the International Relations Committee. I’ve been member of the last two task forces; Diversity and Inclusion and Education. The insights of how things work in the complex field of IIMC will help me as Region Director.


2015/2016 Program Review & Certification Committee 

As a member of the committee, I identified education resources for existing education and professional development opportunities. Also, I assisted IIMC staff in reviewing and revising the CMC application in the areas: 

a. Education: specifically, completion of an IIMC approved state/national/provincial educational course and IIMC annual conference 

b. Experience: specifically, administrative position in federal, state or provincial government, administrative positions in business, and attendance at IIMC conference. 

2016/2017 Education and Professional Development Committee 

As a member of the committee, I reviewed IIMC’s Educational Philosophy to ensure it continues to meet the needs of the membership and is in alignment with IIMC’s mission. Also, I reviewed, discussed and provided feedback on Education and Institute Guidelines as necessary for the forward momentum of IIMC Education programs. 

2017/2018 International Relations Committee – vice chair

As vice chair of the committee, I managed and ran the booth at the IIMC Annual Conference which promotes international Programs and provides a focal point for international members. Also worked with Region X and XI representatives, the International Development Consultant, and the Education Department to define options for future Study Abroad programs and International programs. 

2018/2019 International Relations Committee – chair

As chair of the committee, I did the same things as vice chair, but also made a proposal for the Board of IIMC to provide US Region based Clerks with exposure to information and members from International Regions X and XI. Clerks in the UK may know others who have served on this commitee such as Sam Shippen, Bruce Poole, Katherine Owen, Naomi Bibi.

IIMC is committed to the first “I” in its acronym, that is to being a truly International organization. While there are many benefits to being an International organization, one of the primary ones is networking and sharing of best practices, skills and experiences between regions and members. The proposal called for Region X and XI directors to travel to Regions I through IX to promote IIMC and create awareness about the International aspect of IIMC. Every Region X or XI Director would visit one annual Region or State conference in Region I through IX per year. During that visit, International Region Directors would promote IIMC through a presentation and / or a booth at the vendor fair and provide information about the International context of IIMC. Visits would be coordinated with the Executive Board, the President and the Executive Director, to avoid overlap with conferences at which the President of IIMC is already planning to attend. Unfortunately, the majority of the Board decided that it is the duty of the IMC president to promote all Regions. 

2019/2020 Public Relations & Marketing Committee 

As a member of the committee, I promoted marketing plans for Program Excellence in Governance Award, recognizing innovation and best practices. Also worked with Conference committee to generate ideas to celebrate IIMC’s 75th Anniversary.

2020/2021 Policy Review Committee

As a member of the committee, I monitored and provided policy guidance to ensure purpose, consistency, accuracy, and fair application. Also, I reviewed policies, positions, and perspectives regularly and recommend appropriate revisions to the IIMC Board of Directors

Task Forces

2017/2018 Diversity/Inclusion Task Force 

This Task Force was created to examine the important issue of diversity within our Organization to ensure IIMC is doing its best at being inclusive and transparent in providing opportunities for all members to have a voice within our Organization. As a member I represented Region XI 

2019/2020 IIMC Education Task Force 

The purpose of the Education Task Force was to evaluate the current IIMC certification programs as well as their forms of delivery and discuss ideas and the future state of Education. In addition, the Task Force discussed opportunities for educational programs for those who have achieved their MMC. Together with Stephanie Bennett we represented Region XI and we provided a European perspective on education.

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