Vote Eelco for IIMC Region Director XI

Experiences with Personal Development

Trained more than 200 Clerks

Practicing the mission of IIMC

As mentioned on this website I’m involved in practicing the mission of IIMC; continuing personal growth of Clerks worldwide by education

Since 2016 I’m one of the permanent trainers in the most popular course for clerks and deputy clerks in the Netherlands. There I teach the part of the Clerk as manager of the decision-making process and the force field around the Clerk. To date, I have trained more than 200 clerks and deputy clerks.

I also actively taught the politics course at many municipalities (already 3 this year). This course is for anyone who is thinking about becoming politically active but is not quite sure what the possibilities are. The course is also very suitable for people who want to know how they can exert more influence on local decision-making.

In addition, I have provided training courses for various municipal councils and municipal organizations in the field of citizen participation and integrity.

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