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So why vote for me

Experiences in the field and with IIMC

Sincere and honest

Choosing me as your Region Director means sending someone to the international table with experience in the field of professional development and above all knowledge of the organization of IIMC. 

I have seen many of the policy proposals that will be on the agenda of the board of directors in various phases. Knowledge of these proposals gives a head start, but also having insight into the various points of view is an added value that I bring.

In the international field, with predominantly Americans, I have learned that it is very important to discuss or not discuss matters at the right time, in the right place, with the right people and with the right attitude. International colleagues have indicated several times that they have seen me do this in a very natural way. My sincerity and honesty are my most important qualities. In order to continue to implement this successfully, information from the committees is important, in addition to the necessary nutrition from the own Region XI. It would be nice if we could make the international sound heard in almost all IIMC committees.

The many committees of IIMC are very important to the board of directors. There, fellow clerks meet to discuss a variety of subjects. Unfortunately, region XI has not been properly represented in these committees for years. It is my goal as regional director to change that and to make you enthusiastic to spend a year in such an international commission.

As a matter of fact, trying to be modest, I can say that outside of America I am the best person to be able to assist British and Continental Europeans with everything about the certification process, its pros and cons and the meaning for Clerks in their professional life. For me, certification is not a goal, but an incentive to invest in your own growth!

As with many things in life, you can only judge something properly when you have experienced it yourself. Of course, that also applies to all things related to IIMC. Unfortunately, the support options have not been sufficiently brought to the attention of colleagues for years. I would like to see that change. IIMC offers the possibility to have 2 colleagues from our region participate in the annual conference free of charge. Only the flight and accommodation must be paid for yourself. How nice would it be if we could also find a financing option for this? Of course, there must be something in return. Something in relation to personal development.

As regional director I stand for the following things:

  • It’s about your personal growth! IIMC can help you with that.
  • More input in the IIMC committees. There is too little participation from our region, which means that important input and information is missed.
  • More colleagues to international conferences. You must be able to experience what it is like to meet international colleagues in person, without your council having to pay for the costs. This can be done through sponsorship.
  • The most important thing is meeting colleagues. Meeting colleagues from other counties is priceless, you quickly realise that everyone faces the same challenges, so by sharing good practices from across the globe we become better clerks , I feel this can be facilitated better and am keen to find ways for that to happen.

Hopefully, I can count on your vote to bring an experienced international voice to the Board of Directors of IIMC.


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